Resale Property in Turkey

Sell your property in Turkey

Regarding the Resale property process in Turkey we as Big property provide that service through our brands in Turkey with very high quality.

The professional job that we do is different from other companies, we do not just give any price to your property and sell it, There are a basic steps we take that help us to give a fair and reasonable price to your property for selling it. Other companies may just give a very low price compare with a same property in the area so they could sell it fast or give it a very high price instead of its value so you wouldn’t be able to sell it.

To indicate the property values price we prepare two man basic reports and analysis about the property and its area:

  • We make a report about the houses that similar to the one we want to sell and its prices .
  • We make a report about the price lader for the house.

after that we prepare a plane for you to see all financial costs regarding the Tabu, Contracts, Taxes, extra,,. After all that, we discuss with you the real price value of your property and what will be the net profit for you.

For the last 12 year through our brands in Turkey we are providing this service in high quality to all of our customers, regarding selling or buying Second Hand Houses in Turkey.

we are serving professional services in the most intimate way, with our best real estate agents in Turkey.

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