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can I get the citizenship in Turkey if I buy property?

Yes buy property worth of 250.000 USD get citizenship but this property title deed (tapu) will be ready

can I get the residence permit in Turkey if I buy property?

Every foreigner can receive residence permit for 1 year (every year renewed with Tapu) until you sell your property.

How can I get residence permit?

The residency must be applied for via the Police Department and takes around 1 month to receive the permission. Our company solicitor can help you with this process.

If I Pay By Installment How can I get tittle deed?

The title deed will be issued at the end of the payments and upon completion of the project. If the payment plan is longer than the completion date, then the title deed registration wil be after all the payments are completed.

How long does it take to receive the title deed?

It takes around 2-5 working days once you apply.

Can ı Get title Deed (tapu) for my family on my name

Yes, you can get, but you should prepare papers on the name of the person who has the titlle deed

How to find property Is it necesary to use real esta agent

Using a real estate agent always be an advantage for the clients because the agency will offer kinds of projects, supports the best prıces and the clients reach the most suitable projects without wasting time.

Why should I choose Big Property ?

Big property agency has been operating in Turkey for more than ten years on the housing market.

We know all the projects and construction companies very well. Since we sell a high number of sales each month, the developers will be able to provide us with special discounts and offer you the options of resale and compare the prices. As a result, we ensure that you get the best project, the best location and the best price. Preventing you from performing wrong procedures, we will be already provided you with the right decision.

Is your price same devoloper or I can buy more cheaper?

We work with large construction companies that develop projects in Turkey, price lists of these companies is clear and unchanging You can confirm this by looking in your own country. Furthermore, it is stated that the prices in our contract with the construction companies will be the same. We can give you a very comfortable guarantee on this, the price is the same and will not be changed.

Are there any projects that sell to local and foreign customers at different prices?

Are there any projects that sell to local and foreign customers at different prices?

There may be projects that sell in this way, but we never work on these projects, because foreign customers are paying the same way as domestic customers, so why applying different prices.

Are Foreigners allowed to buy properties in Turkey?

Yes, foreigners are allowed to buy property in Turkey.

Can I sell the property on to the someone else before gettin the title deed?

Yes, you can but there will be a cost associated with this change. The amount of this cost will vary from one developer to another which will be clearly stated on the sales contract.

Can I sell the property under contraction?

Yes you can buy you should say contraction company before you buy.

Is there a guarantee of completion for ongoing projects?

Ongoing projects have no guarantee of completion, but there are many important points to consider; How many projects are currently running? is there any previously unfinished project? How many years as construction company “references”, which projects?

What is the average completion time of ongoing projects in Turkey?

The average completion time of the projects is 30 months. It is important to observe that there is an official period in the contract and an extra option period.

What should I do when the project is completed on time, what are my rights?

Completion dates of the projects must be written in the contract. If the project is not completed on this date, it is obligatory to pay a penalty for the house owner every month. In order to avoid this situation, we recommend good study to the projects and to get professional help.

What is the average house price in Istanbul?

The average home prices in Istanbul start at $49,000. The most important point not to forget is the location of the project. Coca Cola CEO said; the 3 most important things that determine the price of the real estate is location, location, location. As these locations get closer to the central points of the city, prices are increasing.

How are the payment plans?

Payment plans vary according to the situation of construction companies and projects. In a project that has just started, while payment can be made up to 36-48 months, cash sale can be made in a project that can be given finished and immediate deed. Generally, payment plan applied in the ongoing projects is 35% as an advance payment and the rest of payment will be paid within 36 months.

What is the purchasing cost?

Purchasing tax is 4% but we have an agreement with some developers whereby they pay 2% and the client pays 2% VAT according to the law of April 2017 foreignar doesnt pay VAT but normally it is depens %8-%18 percent. Second hand no VAT. At last Electricity, Gas, water, dask insurance approximately 500 $

Are the extra costs in the projects the same?

There are a few differences in the extra costs of the projects. The cost of the notary contract varies depending on the sales price, it is 5% of the sales price on average.

Is there a tax difference between domestic and foreigners?

Yes, foreigner has advantage According to the law in April 2017, foreign customers are exempt from VAT, which is 18% for commercials and 8-18% for residences. they don’t make any payments for this.

Can you rent my apartmant?

We can carry out the rent of your apartment with our expert staff. After renting, we follow up with the rent payments, electrics, water, natural gas and dues payments.

Can you resale my apartmant?

We conduct the sales process in the fastest way possible with our expert staff and wide network. We will arrange your sales contracts and perform your deeds.

Is it possible mortgage credit?

For Mortgage loans to foreign buyers There are several banks in Turkey, but they are very difficult to make the credit disbursements. It is very important to have a job that you work in Turkey to help you use the credit.

Do I need tax number?

The tax number is required for buying an apartment, opening a bank account and doing things at official authorities. We recommend that you do not lose your tax number.

How do I get tax number in Turkey?

A tax number is given from the tax office in Turkey. Our sales staff will help you in this regard.

Is my deposite refundable?

The deposit fee is refunded but the time here is very important You must provide information within 15 days.

Do you only sell properties that you have agrement with devoloper?

We deal with the construction companies in full agreement, checking the firm’s financial status, projects, satisfaction of the occupants in their projects, ongoing projects, references, relations with the business partners and payment arrangements and then we sign the agreement.

The state of the subject market in Turkey?

Turkey’s population is 81 million. The population is average in 29 countries and the population is dynamic. The residence is always needed; the average annual marriage figure is 600 thousand divorce rate is 128 thousand. Foreigners are buying mainly from Istanbul, also Bursa, Yalova, Trabzon, Izmir, Bodrum, Fethiye and Antalya. There are approximately 800,000 thousand residential unit production in Turkey. These figures indicate that the housing market will always be alive

What is the general maintenance fee?

The dues vary according to the service and m2 given in the project. According to the Reidin survey, the average dues figure in Istanbul is 0.80 USD per m2. It is important to be aware of the dues figure at the moment of sale.

How do I buy property in Turkey?

Call Big Property to arrange an viewing tour appointment.

We choice together best project for you and viewing tour.

When we find you apartmant agree on the sales conditions and pay deposite

sales contract signature. Sales Contract contains the details of the payment terms, bank info, completion date, key delivery, title deed delivery and general terms & conditions.

Big property will follow up your tapu delivery and all conditions of the sales contract.

If your circumstances require, you can leave us a Power of Attorney to conclude all the necessary paperwork.

Which Regions Should I Purchase?

It would be more beneficial to choose the places that are with a  developing investment future. close to the metro lines, close to the airport, close to the main road, the distance to the city center, the schools around the project, shoping centers, hospitals, banks is very important.

In addition, it is necessary to look at the projects that the government will do within 5 years for that region.

Istanbul Real Estate and Price Increasing and Rental Number How much is it?

Rental returns are varying according to region and the type of real estate. The average rental income in residences varies between 5-8%. in commercial areas, it varies between 7-9%. The main point we need to look at is the price increase line. that is, you should get a minimum price increase of 70% that you received 3 years ago. The main point is to find the project that will provide this.

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